Do fat burning supplements work?

With so many products on the market claiming to be “fat burners” its important to take a look at what ingredients are inside the formulas to identify and evaluate what real classifications and benefits they have as a stand alone supplement.

Appetite suppressants

There do exist several natural ingredients that have appetite-suppressing qualities. These include the likes of garcina cambogia, raspberry ketone, green coffee bean, and green tea extract. While suppressing the appetite does help to reduce calorie intake and therefore promote weight loss, it is arguable whether this constitutes a fat burner.

Metabolism boosters

Supplements that contain metabolic enhancers could be classed as fat burners. Ingredients such as HCA, which is found in garcinia cambogia, are thought to increase the rate at which fat is metabolized in the body. By increasing the rate that fats and sugars are converted into energy, you can reduce your body mass index and even targeted fat areas such as abdominal fat.


Thermogenic ingredients work by inducing a thermogenic fat burning state in periods of resting. Although human studies on the thermogenic effects of natural ingredients such as the medium chain triglycerides found coconut oil are limited, early studies suggest that thermogenic states can still be achieved. African mango is another ingredient that is thought to induce this state. The benefits of thermogenics are that you can burn calorie, even when you are not working out.


Fat burning supplements can work, and there are several quality products on the market, it is just important to identify the real classification for these before you consider a supplement to be a magic fat burning pill. If trying fat burners is something you are interested in, take a look at the products below as a good reference point to start your product evaluation.

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